Bespoke Home Office & Study Furniture

Fitted office furniture with flexibility

A custom made office is the best way to maximise your workspace and ensure that there is a place for everything you need to work efficiently. Printers, computers and files can be catered for neatly as cables can be hidden and paperwork can be organised with the right space to do so. When we design a home office, we start by taking a clear brief, including measuring the key items you use in the space, so that we can ensure the design works perfectly.


With bedrooms and reception rooms now doubling as home offices, our furniture is able to offer you the flexibility to change with you as your needs evolve. A piece that is designed as a wardrobe, can easily be transformed into a desk with a pull out shelf for a computer keyboard, whilst a home office can morph into a guest room with a little careful planning. None of this need be on show, however, as bespoke doors can conceal files and computers, whilst also adding to the character of the space.

Browse our real home office examples and get in touch to discuss your perfect office space.