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A chance to see how custom made furniture makes a home beautiful.

Our Projects section is a chance to go inside some of the beautiful homes where we have undertaken work across a number of rooms or even designed furniture layouts for the entire house. The individuality of these projects is a testament to the specific vision of the homeowners who have worked in partnership with us and the resulting designs demonstrate the breadth of styles we can create. Far from being daunted, these brave souls, our clients, chose to embrace the excitement and joy that can only be found in exploring the unknown with an experienced guide and discovering that you really can have exactly what you want.

Splendid Arts and Crafts character

A mutual love of the arts and crafts style made for an easy collaboration for clients wanting to ensure that the extension added to their character home retained and enhanced the features that drew them to the original property. Bespoke panelling and cornices combined with a more contemporary aesthetic ensured that both old and new work in harmony with antique pieces. Creating layouts in every room gave…

Arts and Crafts Project
Project Stateside Inspired

U.S. inspired ‘Built In’s’

Having spent years at US expats, this family returned home with a treasure trove of much loved objet and a growing family and needed both storage and display space. Working alongside their architect, we planned the storage throughout the house and developed ideas for room layouts that would ensure flexibility as their family matures. Creating panelling, vanity units, wardrobes, shelving, a kitchen, pantry and boot room gave these clients the control they craved to replicate the ideas that they wanted to transport ‘across the pond.’

Spacious new build

Commissioning a new build home, these clients knew exactly what they wanted from their new home and invited us to work alongside their dedicated team of architect and builders to develop designs for their whole home. Creating a light and airy kitchen and pantry, boot room, study and wardrobes for all of their bedrooms, this home now has a harmonious feel as the designs offer a common and unifying thread that results in a restful ambience.

Contemporary bespoke fitted alcove bookshelves and cupboards
Edwardian Splendour

Restful colours of New England

This new build home presented a real challenge to the owners, who felt overwhelmed by the space and unsure of how to add both character and storage. Taking inspiration from the clean lines and restful colours of New England interiors we worked alongside the owners to develop storage and layouts for all of the rooms, resulting in a warm and welcoming family home.

Calming oasis for suburban living

Working alongside the interior decorator and clients, we were introduced by the architect to collaborate at the earliest stages of this complete refurbishment and provided fitted furniture throughout the home, creating designs specific to the needs of these working from home professionals as well as a place for their children’s belongings and sports gear. The result is a warm, family home that feels cohesive and coordinated with a strong DNA.

Contemporary family kitchen
Mills House

Well-appointed country house

Looking to maximise their storage, we were asked to develop new layouts for each room to ensure that every bit of space was considered. Along the way, and working alongside their interior designer, the fitted furniture became the focal point for many of the designs. In choosing a neutral palette, natural stone and coir flooring, the end result is a characterful home that retains the original charm of this mill house.

Clean lined London living

Whilst this neglected townhouse was given a complete makeover by the owners, their interior designer asked us to develop a clean lined, contemporary interior, including a new kitchen, so that the home would have a cohesive look to act as a background for their modern furniture. Clever use of fitted furniture also transformed otherwise unusable space into additional storage and display areas, adding charm and character.

Clean lined London living
Project Traditional English - Storage

Traditional English elegance

This lovely rural extended 1920’s home was full of character but lacked storage. Not wanting to lose what the owners loved about the features they had so lovingly preserved, we worked with them to ensure that our furniture added to and enhanced the character as well as acting as a wonderful background to their collection of beloved antiques and family heirlooms.

Nature inspired Georgian retreat

Transforming a Georgian home into a retreat for the whole family, this interior designer wanted to find a balance between respecting the existing architecture and enhancing the character of the property and adding the mod cons necessary for comfortable family living. Drawing from nature and embracing the colours found in the local landscape, the furniture has a period style that has been highlighted with a bold palette.

Nature inspired Georgian retreat

Edwardian Splendour for Contemporary Living

This Edwardian terrace has been developed with family living in mind, from the large sociable, working kitchen that has been enhanced with the addition of period panelling to the light and airy sitting room, with its antique fire surround. The colours, textures and furniture detailing hark to the past, whilst the simple décor featuring much loved objet allow the family to express their love of contemporary fine art and design.

Room by Room

Plan Utility Room

We are absolutely passionate about bringing your vision to life.

Why would anyone trudge through endless preconceived and utterly unalterable designs, making seemingly small sacrifices along the way to ensure that you can make something work ‘well enough’ when you could just have exactly what you want all along?

Whether it is a hybrid concept that is the result of weeks of research or an imagined design that you have collected from your travels, we want to ensure that your home is as special and unique as you are.

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