Use this section to learn how to maximise the space in your home, from colour choices, through to perfectly measured furniture, we’ll cover every detail to ensure your home shines.
<h2><strong>Small bedroom space tips</strong></h2>by Elle Decor

Small bedroom space tips

by Elle Decor

When a space has good style, size doesn't matter. Read these top tips for making the most of a small bedroom, bringing it to life with expert advice from colours through to choice of accessories.

<h2><strong>How to take advantage of a large space</strong></h2>by James Mayor

How to take advantage of a large space

by James Mayor

If you have the luxury of living in a large space, whether open plan or not – you’ll want to make the most of bigger rooms in your home. Create stunning focal points in each of your larger rooms for unforgettable home design.

<h2><strong>Dressing room - space and planning tips</strong></h2>by James Mayor

Dressing room - space and planning tips

by James Mayor

From storage and furniture style choices, through to lighting and even considerations for 'his & her' elements, this article has everything you need to know about dressing room styling, in one handy place.


What the experts say

Sherry Wales

Sherry Wales

Creative Director, In-house Interior Designer / James Mayor

Design tips for small spaces?

Ensure that the furniture is the right size for the room and leaves plenty of clearance to walk between sofa, chair or coffee table comfortably. Don’t push all of the furniture against the walls.

Design tips for larger spaces ?

Create zones within the space so that furniture and seating is in clusters, giving those in the room choices about where to sit, depending upon what they are doing, watching TV, reading, chatting with coffee, etc.

Design rules space and planning?

Balance is the key element of any good design and is achieved by considering proportion, style and visual weight. If in doubt about how to design a room, always consider investing in a few hours with a reputable design professional, as they may be able to give you advice that will make all of the difference to your room layout’s success.