Making a good choice with the lighting and accessories that will accompany your bespoke furniture ensures a final design that complements your home perfectly. Explore our advice below to find out more.
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8 lighting tips interior designers use to create atmosphere

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What the experts say

Sherry Wales

Sherry Wales

Creative Director, In-house Interior Designer / James Mayor

How to create different moods with lighting ?

There are different types of lighting that need to be layered in a room to make the most of the space during different types of use. Ambient or background lighting for when a softly lit space (perhaps where candlelight could feature) is usually required for rooms in use mainly in the evening. Task lighting, as the name suggests if for working and architectural lighting is used to highlight features or objects in a room, like picture lights and stair tread lights and lighting for corniced areas

Energy saving lighting solutions ?

Change all of your bulbs for LED. There are many types of bulbs now from those resembling old fashioned filament bulbs to cool or warm light. These will lower your energy bills significantly and pay for themselves in only a few years.

How to choose accessories that match home style / personalities ?

Choosing accessories for your home is a very personal process. Photos, objects, rugs, lighting and soft furnishing choices are endless. It is important not to simply choose something you love in each of these areas and cross your fingers that they will all coordinate just because you loved them in isolation. Curating a scheme is not an easy process, so having some commonality in terms of colour or style/era will give you the best chance of achieving a coordinated look

Tips of choosing accessories to make a statement ?

Ensure that the piece you are making a statement with is easily viewed when entering the room, doesn’t fight with other over the top or unusual pieces, and that it is something you love, as it will tend to dominate the space.