Struggling to identify the perfect bespoke furniture style for your home? Click through each of the sections below and be inspired by examples of our work.
<h2><strong>Traditional</strong></h2>Style inspiration


Style inspiration

This homely, warm and familiar look is timeless and often reflects the period of the property in which it is used, whether Victorian, Georgian, or 1930’s/Deco, the style reflects the elements of a bygone era that many find both elegant and warm.

<h2><strong>Contemporary</strong></h2>Style inspiration


Style inspiration

Reflecting current trends, this style is constantly evolving as it responds to developments in design, whether colour, finish or detailing. Very easy to live with and update, this design suits many family homes.

<h2><strong>Modern</strong></h2>Style inspiration


Style inspiration

Clean and simple, but impeccably proportioned, this style is associated with minimal detail and a lack of fussiness. Mostly associated with an uncluttered and airy interior, click to be inspired by our examples of modern furniture design.

<h2><strong>Wardrobes</strong></h2>Furniture inspiration


Furniture inspiration

Not quite sure which wardrobe will best suit your home? Along with speaking to our expert team of designers, take a moment to explore our bespoke wardrobe examples - perfect inspiration, just when you need it.

<h2><strong>Bookcases</strong></h2>Furniture inspiration


Furniture inspiration

A bespoke custom made bookcase acts as both the perfect organiser for your books, while creating a stunning focal point to any room. Explore our bookcase examples and be inspired.

<h2><strong>Larder units</strong></h2>Furniture inspiration

Larder units

Furniture inspiration

A bespoke larder unit; a cook's best friend. Once you've chosen yours, you won't be able to remember what you did without it. We've compiled examples of our custom made larder units, the only place you need to turn for inspiration.

<h2><strong>TV/Media units</strong></h2>Furniture inspiration

TV/Media units

Furniture inspiration

The ultimate place for families to gather, or a central hub for your own piece of relaxation, tv and media units add structure to entertainment areas and a classy solution to the clutter of electronics.

<h2><strong>Vanity units</strong></h2>Furniture inspiration

Vanity units

Furniture inspiration

We've compiled our favourite examples of past bespoke vanity unit projects, to act as inspiration for your own home. Click to view our selection - the perfect space and storage solution for any bathroom.

<h2><strong>Bedrooms</strong></h2>Room inspiration


Room inspiration

A place of calm and tranquility, explore our bespoke bedroom furniture examples as you finalise your ideas for your own bedroom interior style.

<h2><strong>Bathroom</strong></h2>Room inspiration


Room inspiration

From cupboards through to vanity units and shelving, take inspiration from our collection of bathroom projects - helping you form a more concrete idea of the bathroom design you'd like to see in your own home.

<h2><strong>Office/Study</strong></h2>Room inspiration


Room inspiration

Make your office and study furniture fit your lifestyle and the size of your room. Take a moment to discover examples of our bespoke office furniture - capable of transforming any home office, large or small.

<h2><strong>Kitchen</strong></h2>Room inspiration


Room inspiration

Whether your kitchen is for entertaining guests, a central meeting point for the family, simply for cooking, or all of the above - click through to explore our bespoke kitchen furniture designs.

<h2><strong>Livingroom</strong></h2>Room inspiration


Room inspiration

Colour, period, ensuring design fits your lifestyle - these are all considerations when choosing the perfect custom made living room furniture for your home. Take a moment to enjoy some examples of our work and be inspired.


What the experts say

Sherry Wales

Sherry Wales

Creative Director, In-house Interior Designer / James Mayor


As there is a lot going on in the small space of a bathroom, keep pattern restricted to one area, the floor or the wall or keep to a single palette for tiles and walls. Choose the best sanitaryware and fittings you can afford as this is the most expensive room per square metre to re-fit within the home.


Give yourself room to grow in a space and ensure that the storage volume is adequate for your type of work/paperwork. Don’t be afraid to have things behind doors as pretty files/boxes on show won’t stay looking nice for long if you are not a naturally tidy person.


If you like to read at bedtime or want a TV in your bedroom, ensure that you have all of the electrics in the right place to mean you don’t have to get out of bed to turn things off and on. Buy the best quality bedlinen you can afford and use scented candles or oils to create a restful atmosphere.

Living Rooms

This room will need to meet the requirements of the whole family as it will be a space for TV, entertaining, family time and quiet time. Make sure the sofa is the right size for the room and doesn’t dominate, leaving too little room for coffee or side tables and always have enough seats for every person in the house plus 2 guests to ensure that the space accommodates the required number of people for the house.


When looking at layout, make a list of the appliances that are must haves, and don’t forget to include pull out bins or wine coolers, if they are important to you. Also washing machines and tumble driers or a combi if space is at a premium and the house has no separate utility room. These appliances, along with sink, cooker and fridge will sometimes dictate the layout of the room.
If the dictated design is unworkable for you, it will probably be the same for everyone, so you will need to consider structural changes before investing in a kitchen design that is destined to fail. Whether it is knocking through a wall to an adjoining room, blocking a door or extending the space, there is always a solution with creative thinking.