From space considerations, through to style choices and specific tips on how to use furniture to make your life simpler, through careful organisation and planning, our furniture guide has you covered.
<h2><strong>Wardrobe - Organising tips for success</strong></h2>by James Mayor

Wardrobe - Organising tips for success

by James Mayor

Your bespoke wardrobe should be exactly that, fit to your needs. Read our advice on how to organise your wardrobe, from measuring considerations through to final layout and categorising. Wardrobe design never looked so good.

<H2><strong>Creating a space that fits your work/life style</strong></h2>by James Mayor

Creating a space that fits your work/life style

by James Mayor

Design a room with bespoke furniture that fits your way of life. What will the room be used for? What type of person are you and what's most important to you in terms of room layout. All these questions and more are answered in this handy article.

<H2><strong>Pro tips - 25 top tips to consider when designing your home</strong></H2>by House Beautiful

Pro tips - 25 top tips to consider when designing your home

by House Beautiful

Ever wondered how interior designers make everything look so perfectly complementary, with minimum effort? This article lets you in on the secrets to successful home design - 25 top tips from the experts.