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Boot Room

Real, hand painted, fitted, custom made furniture

If you have a specific room or project in mind, find here the bespoke fitted furniture layouts and design details that will inspire your design direction. With a selection of images taken directly from our own client’s homes, there are no room sets here, only real, hand painted, fitted, custom made furniture produced to the individual tastes of each client.

With a passion for designing fitted furniture that maximises space and unlocks hidden storage potential, we hope that the designs shown in each room will demonstrate the benefits of beautifully designed, custom made furniture for every room in your home.

Room by Room



Our innovative approach to kitchen design starts from a fresh perspective- looking at the best layout for the space, we ensure we incorporate the appliances you want, offer the storage you need and deliver a great kitchen for enjoying everyday family mealtimes. 


Living Room

Our custom-made living room furniture is designed to deliver storage that is in proportion with your room and fits perfectly to maximise your space in style. Whether you crave a period looking alcove unit, or a funky, chunky bookcase or something in between, we can create furniture to suit. 



Our bespoke bedroom furniture is designed to be beautiful, resulting in a really restful bedroom environment. With many door styles to choose from, our wardrobes, bedside cabinets, dressing tables and coordinating vanity units all work to in harmony to deliver a space for you to retreat and recharge in comfort and style.


Studio / Office

A good working environment is essential to being productive and having the space to incorporate books, files and a printer whilst concealing cables and creating a stylish sense of order make for a space that can ultimately be used by the whole family.


Dining Room

Often just off to the side of the kitchen, a formal dining space is now less common in most homes, yet the appeal of family gatherings never wanes and these rooms benefit from furniture that lends a hand during these occasions. 

Plan Utility Room

Laundry / Utility / Boot Room

Our custom made utility, laundry and boot room furniture offers stylish practicality within these functional spaces which are perfect for doing the laundry or storing your muddy boots after an Autumn country walk. 


Attic Room

Making the most of low, angled spaces is a speciality. For many years we have been offering wardrobes and shelved storage spaces that are useful and easy to access, but just as importantly, transform the shape of these rooms. 

We are absolutely passionate about bringing your vision to life.

Why would anyone trudge through endless preconceived and utterly unalterable designs, making seemingly small sacrifices along the way to ensure that you can make something work ‘well enough’ when you could just have exactly what you want all along?

Whether it is a hybrid concept that is the result of weeks of research or an imagined design that you have collected from your travels, we want to ensure that your home is as special and unique as you are.

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