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So, you have selected an architect and builder with the utmost care, entrusting them with your most cherished space- your home. Between them they are going to deliver something that is uniquely yours, something special. We think that the interior space should be just as unique and special and are absolutely passionate about bringing your vision to life.

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There is enough complexity in the world, so a little simplicity can be a refreshing and welcome relief from the endless noise and decision making that modern life demands. We decided early on that we just wanted to make the best custom made furniture around, keeping the design elements, the design process and the resulting furniture straightforward. We are not slaves to endless materials and textures options, we just make great quality, precision crafted, hand painted MDF furniture that is easy to use, easy to maintain or refresh and pleasingly easy on the eye.

But don’t let this focus on simplicity fool you, we put a great deal of time and effort into designing furniture that endures, maintaining a design relevance as trends come and go with quality that ensures longevity. There are many design details we create just because a client’s home demands something a little different, something that will make it look as though the furniture has always sat there elegantly, yet humbly, making the room look just right. On those occasions the best thing to do is to make what the space demands- it really is that simple.



With no showrooms and no pre-designed ranges of furniture to choose from, we offer our clients an edited array of styling options from which to choose and which can be endlessly combined to create the beautiful furniture they desire. We do not follow the latest fads, we just stick to the same simplicity that has given antique pieces their timelessness- clean lines, considered proportions relative to the room, in a form that delivers the functionality our clients need. Built-in to make the most of every bit of space, fitted furniture has been the choice of architects for hundreds of years as they have designed some of the finest houses in the country. Though augmented by more decorative freestanding pieces, the main interior architecture in these homes has always been dominated by large fitted furniture which enhances the shape of the room, and serves the owners well, whether a bookcase or a kitchen dresser.

Today, whilst many businesses make a variety of freestanding pieces, there is comparatively little choice when it comes to beautifully crafted, custom made fitted furniture. We want to change that. All of our furniture is made to commission, just for you. With the latest technology to support our processes and with highly skilled staff, we can design, make, deliver and fit individually made furniture just for you and your home that you won’t find anywhere else.



Today, although many of our clients employ an architect, few are building the grand homes that we all love to visit at weekends to admire the interiors we find within. The details of many of those homes and their furniture have been photographed and are visually referenced in our own designs. From a chamfered kitchen door rail, a pedimented cornice on a wardrobe or the column of a bookcase end panel, we continue to embrace our love affair with the past, knowing that furniture that is well designed will always have a place in our hearts as well as our own more modest homes.

Working with an interior designer from the outset, your initial consultation is guided by the steadying hand of an experienced furniture and interior designer, giving you the best possible advice and working with you to create furniture that is beautifully made and unique to you. From helping you with colour and handle choices to consulting with you on the best room layout for fitted furniture placement, we will ensure that the furniture you commission will result in a well laid out space that works now and in the future as your home and family evolve. With a re-painting service as well as a repair service, we will be on hand to support you, keeping your furniture beautiful for many years.



Using the latest technology to enhance age old methods, we still make all of our furniture doors using the tried and tested 5 piece construction method before priming, drilling and sanding them. We use only the latest German engineered components and make our own carcases and drawer boxes by hand to the depth and width that each piece of furniture requires. Dividing our drawer boxes internally to client specifications and lining them for a luxurious finish is standard. Creating shoe or jewellery drawers in a bedroom, pan drawers in a kitchen or lockable filing drawers in a study, our focus is on precision and robust construction.

Our custom made furniture will last well into the future, yet is constructed using environmentally sustainable moisture resistant MDF. MDF is made using waste materials from the wood industry such as shavings and sawdust, to form a dense, beautifully smooth board from which to create furniture for your home.  All of our MR/MDF comes from Medite, manufactured in Ireland and industry leaders in producing materials that are both FSC certified and CARB2 compliant, giving you what is widely regarded as the best board on the market.

We are absolutely passionate about bringing your vision to life.

Why would anyone trudge through endless preconceived and utterly unalterable designs, making seemingly small sacrifices along the way to ensure that you can make something work ‘well enough’ when you could just have exactly what you want all along?

Whether it is a hybrid concept that is the result of weeks of research or an imagined design that you have collected from your travels, we want to ensure that your home is as special and unique as you are.

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