How to take advantage of a large space

If you have the luxury of living in a large space, whether open plan or not – you’ll want to make the most of bigger rooms in your home.

To do so, there’s a number of interior design tips and tricks you need to be aware of, turning any large space into a stunning showcase area of your home – a talking point amongst friends and family.

To develop a design that works for you, explore our expert advice below.

Design choices – top level

Scale, scale, scale – avoid buying furniture that is too small for the space. Be bold with colour, as you are in a space that can take bold choices without looking too busy or eclectic.

You may wish to consider highlighting the boundaries of any seating area with a rug, which also acts to make the space cosier in wooden floored rooms, in the process. Keep flooring consistent if possible and if you need to mix floor types – for example carpet, with tiles or wood in other areas, make sure they are tonally similar.

Colour choices – the detail

Large spaces can really take a bold pop of colour or pattern, so don’t be shy – making sure to avoid all of the items being a solid colour, as intricate patterns will break up the space nicely, cosying it up in the process.

Dark colours also work well in large spaces; as do large scale patterns – although containing them on accessories like cushions or rugs will work better than on sofas.

Layout considerations and lighting


Remember the importance of lighting and electrics in a large space. A floor socket, concealed below a sofa is an absolute must for middle of the room floor lights, a laptop or phone charger.

Create zones for the various tasks you want to carry out in the room, a circle or U-shape for social/gathering spaces, a separate area for eating/dining and maybe another corner for reading or storing books. If the kitchen is in this space, a kitchen island is also a great way to break up the space and act as an area in which people can gather.

Outside of kitchens, finding a focal point in a strong feature – such as a fireplace or media unit – will give the room a sense of order.

Mirrors and bringing light into the room


Mirrors don’t have to be limited to smaller rooms – where they are often used to make a space appear bigger.

In a larger space, a well positioned mirror can act as a focal point for the room – whilst helping to bounce light around the space and complement an already impressive area.

Mirrors can also draw the eye to other pieces of furniture – reflecting pieces from opposite sides of a room. After all, why not draw as much attention to it as you can – beautifully designed furniture is there to be enjoyed and shown off!

Added extras

If you have the option, consider partitioning off the room in parts with French doors, which can be perfect for providing areas of quiet, or for containing cooking smells or TV noise.

Most of all – enjoy your large space and bring it to life with the advice above. If you’d like more insight and expert opinion – why not speak with one of our designers.

Thanks for reading.