Small bedroom design ideas

A small bedroom can quickly become disorganised with clutter and once filled, feel even smaller than it is. With the design tips below, you will find ways to generate more space and create the illusion of a much larger room.

Use every available space

The best way to maximise your bedroom is to use every square inch of it. The awkward corners or sloped ceilings often found in attic rooms and period houses, can often be forgotten about and become wasted space. By utilising every available area of the room, it not only creates more storage but creates a streamline design adding to the illusion of more space.

Custom bedroom wardrobes

Truly bespoke bedroom wardrobes, custom fit to follow the bedroom’s features

Clever storage space built around boxed in pipes

Clever storage space built around boxed in pipes

Powder pink sloped ceiling bespoke fit bedroom wardrobes

Truly bespoke bedroom wardrobes, custom fit to follow the bedroom’s features


Often overlooked is creating space from floor to ceiling and rather than raise your actual ceiling the illusion of having more space can be created using your furniture. For example short pieces of furniture, such as a low profile armchair, can create that sense of space between floor to ceiling, and floor to ceiling wardrobes will lengthen the wall, making the room look taller than it is, whilst also providing more storage space.

Floor to ceiling wardrobes, balanced by lower profile dressing table and chair

Floor to ceiling wardrobes, balanced by lower profile dressing table and chair

Bespoke furniture

If you have decided on built-in furniture to maximise your space, discuss with your designer your specific needs, so that your furniture is bespoke to you. If your storage space doesn’t fulfill your needs, it won’t be long before your clutter ends back up on the floor, so take the time to think about what you are storing and what you want. Whether it’s suits, shoes, handbags or ties, you will enjoy opening a door or drawer and seeing them all neatly organised. A good designer will be able to create storage unique to you.

Bespoke filled bedroom wardrobes

Cascading pullout shoe storage in bespoke wardrobe design


The colour scheme of your bedroom can create the illusion of space. Pale neutrals are commonly known as an obvious choice and when partnered with furniture of a similar colour can create an illusion of an open and uninterrupted space. However, that is not to say dark colours are a no no. In fact, darker hues can create the perception of greater depth and space, by absorbing light. Taking into consideration the bedroom being a place of rest and relaxation, you can incorporate both by painting an accent wall in the darker shade which will visually push it backward, giving the room a greater sense of space and depth, whilst keeping that open space with the neutral walls.

Panelled TV Unit

An accent colour wall adds a pop of vibrancy and depth to the room

Under-bed storage and getting creative with beds

Another great way to maximise space – and storage – in your bedroom is by using the bed as a storage unit itself, or with some drawers, boxes or suitcase style trunks that slide out from underneath.

You can either choose a bed with room to slide storage underneath, or a Divan with built in drawers. Cast Iron or copper effect beds, or wooden options painted to complement a bedroom’s colour scheme, can really add the perfect finishing touch to your bespoke bedroom.

Another option is to get creative with your beds – a great option for a smaller room is a mezzanine bed, leaving the floor space free for further storage. Plus, for the kids’ bedrooms – there’s some great options in bunk beds / dual sleeper beds!

So there we have it, some great pointers on how to make the most of a small bedroom and use every nook and cranny to your advantage.

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