Prize winning library and office bookcases from James Mayor

Full Wall Home Office Bookcase With Built in Desk

Full Wall Home Office Bookcase With Built in Desk

James Mayor installed this stunning bookcase to give the look and feel of a library and the perfect backdrop for a new way of working – Zoom calls! (Other video conferencing services available).

So beautiful was this installation that it even earned our customer, Professor Anson Jack of the University of Birmingham, a prize! We’re not sure if there’s a trophy or not, but it would sit very nicely atop one of the custom made bookcase shelves we created for him.

“During lockdown I won the ‘Best Background for Zoom Meetings’ competition with my university colleagues. Many of them ask if I am in a real library!

“All our friends who visit admire the work and say how well it complements an already elegant room”

Professor Anson Jack, University of Birmingham

About the bookcase

As with all James Mayor work, this beautiful tall bookcase was hand crafted to bespoke measurements – ensuring the perfect fit with the room. It features an inset desk space, integrated downlighting and a series of compartments and shelves of varying sizes, to cater for books, photo frames and create the ideal display for memorabilia and trinkets.

We also installed an eye catching and practical step ladder, which slides along the bookcase allowing easy access to books on the higher shelves, while adding the finishing touch of authenticity for this bookcase to achieve a real-world library aesthetic.

Now is the perfect time to build or revamp your office space

The prevalence of working from home is very much growing, due to the situation with the pandemic, and also people realising the benefits of being able to spend more time with family, not to mention the environmental benefits of cutting out the commute.

Get inspiration for your own bookcases at home, by browsing our past bespoke bookcase collection. We also specialise in home office furniture and fitting, designing solutions from scratch to perfect complement the style of your home.

The importance of a good background for your Zoom calls and making a good impression

We couldn’t finish this article without looking back to the now famous – and rather hilarious – BBC news interview where Professor Robert Kelly’s children suddenly appeared in the background of his video call on live TV. Who knows, maybe if he’d had a James Mayor bookcase / library shelving in his room, the viewers might’ve never noticed the children running around causing havoc… on second thoughts, maybe not!

Thanks for reading and we hope to work with you on your own project soon.