How to choose colour for your bespoke fitted furniture

How to choose colour for your bespoke fitted furniture

“You can have your bespoke furniture in any colour”, we say and then look at the client’s face. Somewhere between fascination and excitement lurks the dreaded fear that is always about when choosing the colour for something so large and significant to their space, not to mention the investment they are making in having something created just for them. So, we say, don’t worry, we’ll help guide you to make the perfect colour choice for you.

Here is my top 5 starting points for choosing colour for your space

1. Start with something you love and intend to feature in the room

It could be a painting, a rug or a lamp, it could even be a character tile or bit of stained glass already in the room. Whatever it is, you love it and so because you love it, it is a great starting point for colour as if it is to have a role in the new space, it not only needs to relate, it needs to be able to elevate the space and for the relationship between it and your furniture to be intentional and personal. It is YOUR space after all.

2. Look to nature for inspiration

If your room has a great view, then using colours from nature will help to bring the outside in and link the spaces visually. Whilst palettes can vary from spring through to the autumn, using colours which tone in with those found in your garden will usually involve embracing green, which is currently super fashionable, though one could argue it is so classic it is always a popular choice.

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3. If your room is light, stay light, if it is dark, embrace it

Rather than fight a room that gets little natural light, embrace it and make your furniture the same rich colour you choose for your walls. Tonal schemes can involve painting walls and furniture the same shade or a slightly different shade of the same colour, but either way, the room will feel cosy or bright and light, and you will be supporting its natural vibe with your choice of colour, making the end result natural and easy to live with.

4. Paint your furniture neutral, and use your ornaments for colour

This is sound advice and can mean your scheme is flexible and able to withstand changes to décor you might decide to make with wallpaper or paint on the walls in the future. This is a great choice for magpies with a treasure trove of possessions to display. The only advice to give in deciding which neutral is to look at other neutrals that you might need to match such as seagrass carpets, natural wood floors or even large rugs. Not all neutrals are the same and determining which undertones you need to acknowledge is something you may need to consider with big samples and lots of daylight.

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5. Match your wallpaper or curtain choice

Never choose a colour and then attempt to find a matching paper or curtain fabric, as this is always a disaster and limits you from the outset. It is always best to alight on your patterned choices early on and either match or compliment those with informed colour choices for a coordinated and sophisticated look.