How to take advantage of a large space

If you have the luxury of living in a large space, whether open plan or not – you’ll want to make the most of bigger rooms in your home.

To do so, there’s a number of interior design tips and tricks you need to be aware of, turning any large space into a stunning showcase area of your home – a talking point amongst friends and family.

To develop a design that works for you, explore our expert advice below.

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Creating a home office that fits your way of living and working

Creating a beautiful home office relies on focusing on a number of key elements, even going as far as considering the type of person you are, to identify the style of space that best fits your personality, way of living and working habits.

In this post we also touch on the importance of colour and lighting, to assist in producing a well developed brief on the road to achieving your dream office space.

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Organising your wardrobe: tips for success

Your bedroom wardrobe is an element of your home you’ll interact with most, yet it’s amazing how many of us don’t think about making it work best for our individual lifestyles.

A handmade bespoke wardrobe is one of the best ways to efficiently use the space you have, so let’s look at the subtle intricacies to consider when choosing and designing your ideal wardrobe. 

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British Interior Design in the 50s

Infographic: British Interior Design in the 1950s

We take a look at how British interior design evolved in the 1950s, from post-war austerity to the consumerism that would herald the 1960s, with influences from America and the space race in between. We also have highlighted key designs and figures who defined the era.

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James Mayor sideboard

1950s British Interior Design

The 50’s style, sometimes called “revived modernism” as it continued the modernist style that was starting just before the Second World War, is currently enjoying a revival. Whether it is our own ‘austerity’ that had led us back to this influence, or a nostalgic hankering for simpler times, this clean lined style is seen across all elements of the interior, from furniture, wallpaper and textiles to the shapes of appliances and ceramic and glassware design.

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home cinema

How to Create a Cinema Room

Cinema rooms (or ‘home theatres’ if you’re American) can be the most exciting and luxurious room in your home, and can be made in any size on any budget, from comfortable rooms for a small audience based around a large television, or a full-blown cinema experience with a projector and aisle-style seating. Home cinemas are great for young families who may not have time to go out to the cinema themselves, and these projects can add significant value to a house through “wow factor” alone.

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coloured kitchen

Neutral vs Colour in Kitchens

The kitchen is not only the heart of the home, but it’s also the busiest room, where people gather not just to cook, but to socialise. As the kitchen is where you are likely to spend most of your time, choosing what colour to decorate a kitchen can be daunting when you know you will face the result of your choice for a significant part of every day.

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dressing room

Dressing Room Space Planning Considerations


Furniture is usually an afterthought when it comes to a dressing room, with the focus on storage and shelving, but enclosing clothing within furniture protects them from dust and sunlight and gives the room a much more serene, less cluttered ambience. Equally important in a room designed to aid dressing is the provision of space for a full length mirror- planning an outfit or taking stock of wardrobe contents when having a clear out is best done in front of a mirror within the space. To this end, mirrored doors not only serve a functional purpose but also add glamour, reflect light in what is sometimes a room without windows, and give the illusion of a larger space.

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difficult room

How to Decorate a Difficult Room

There are many reasons why a room can be a challenge to decorate and style, ranging from the obvious (too small, unusual shape) to the more complicated (too many focal points, an open living space or a large window). These ‘difficult’ rooms are often the biggest task to face when we are decorating our homes, and they can present a block when trying to locate furniture so that the rooms flow as you move within the house. However there are plenty of design and decorating solutions to turn a difficult room into something functional and beautiful.

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