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Doing one thing well

With more than 40 years of experience in furniture design and manufacture our team were keen to take the ‘customised’ solution promised by so many companies a stage further and create furniture that is truly bespoke, custom crafted by hand and entirely British made in our own Birmingham workshop. As everything is made from raw material for each job, we do not have to rely on standardised sizes for any of our doors, frames or carcasses and we never have to use ‘infil’ pieces to make up space or sell clients the usual gadgets such as tray holders to fill leftover gaps- we design each piece of cabinetry to suit the space perfectly- it’s that simple!

The City of a Thousand Trades

Based in Birmingham, our workshop is near the city centre in a building which would have been built around the same time as the Bullring in a city known for its wide range of architectural styles. Whilst it lacks the romance of a Victorian factory, what it does have is a great location, being just a stones throw from many other thriving trades, all sharing our specialist skills to support each other to continue the tradition of manufacturing excellence that Birmingham is known for worldwide. Every single piece of our furniture is produced individually to our client’s precise specificationa, drawn up by CAD technicians and entirely custom made by skilled machinists and cabinetmakers.

Our Founder

James Mayor is the eponymous creation of our founder – who launched the company in Birmingham in the mid-1980s. Having been raised in Birmingham, James enjoyed sketching the many factories in the city centre during his time at Bournville Art College and was fascinated by the sheer number of premises and the skills of the workers. Studying at the University of Manchester at the same time as George Best was scoring goals nearby, James enjoyed the swinging sixties and fully embraced the trends of his generation, including their desire for modernity in all things from clothing to housing. James completed his Master’s degree specialising in creating furniture from the latest material- MDF. He has often been heard to say, “If William Morris had been able to play with MDF, it would now be in the V&A- it is a wonder material”.

Embracing the Golden Rule, James understood that proportion, detailing and functionality were all critical to creating new designs. Although he retired in 2019, James continues to call in to the workshop, regaling us all with his passion for design and love of furniture making. The company continues to evolve and develop its offer, but always maintains a focus on the core values of our founder – clean lined, simply styled, well proportioned, timeless furniture, designed with a great deal of thought and made by hand. Supported by the latest technology and combined with finely engineered components such as soft close door hinges and drawer runners, our MDF furniture is built to stand the test of time and will not only last but give lasting pleasure.


We are absolutely passionate about bringing your vision to life.

Why would anyone trudge through endless preconceived and utterly unalterable designs, making seemingly small sacrifices along the way to ensure that you can make something work ‘well enough’ when you could just have exactly what you want all along?

Whether it is a hybrid concept that is the result of weeks of research or an imagined design that you have collected from your travels, we want to ensure that your home is as special and unique as you are.

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