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Our approach

Our team of designers and craftsmen offer a unique approach to commissioning custom made cabinetry and it starts with a simple conversation. You may have recently purchased your home, or perhaps you are renovating after many years or even moving to a new home. Whatever your situation, you deserve something special, whether that means a solution to a longstanding storage issue that doesn’t seem to be easily resolved or just a hankering after something that you cannot quite imagine or haven’t been able to find. You have come to the right place.

How we are different…

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Holistic interior design approach

So many people seek the professional advice of an architect or interior decorator to assist them in achieving their goals in their homes, but forget the link between these two disciplines- a good interior designer. What is the difference between interior design and interior decoration I hear you ask…well, interior decorators are masters of all of the finishing touches that make a space beautiful, from basic colour selection to advice on light fittings, rugs, or soft furnishings as well as window treatments. Interior designers, by contrast, start much earlier in the process, ahead of the phase that most consider ‘the fun bit’. Interior designers will determine the best place to integrate storage, considering the aesthetic importance of any existing architectural features like the style of the skirting boards, coving, windows and doors, examine the location of fenestration and door apertures to ensure that there is adequate space for furniture, and that there is a good flow between spaces and sufficient clearances for traversing between rooms and furniture…things that if lleft unconsidered can result in spaces that, no matter how beautiful, will just never seem to really ‘work’.

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Fitted cabinetry just the way YOU want it

The wonderful thing about fitted cabinetry is that it can be whatever a client and their space require, whether that is a piece that is barely there and blends in with the architecture or a statement layout, styled to support a strong design aesthetic in a home, such as a Victorian or Arts and Crafts home. Or maybe even cabinetry that makes an individual statement in a home that is quite a blank canvas and where a client wants to make their own statement and define their own style. With the ability to style every element of a design from the door and cornice styles, furniture colour and choice of ironmongery to name but a few, there is an expansive and unlimited range of options open to clients who want to explore doing things differently.

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Custom made in the heart of the UK by skilled craftsmen

Birmingham has always been the heart of manufacturing for the United Kingdom and we are proud to continue the tradition of employing highly skilled tradesmen, supported by the latest technology, to offer unrivalled flexibility in producing simple, furniture that is beautifully made to last for many years to come. All of our board materials are made in the UK and we take great pride in longstanding relationships with our fellow craftsmen in trades such as metal working and stonemasonry as well as bespoke ironmongery. Working alongside other specialists means we can offer unrivalled quality and ensure that your brief is met by those who share our passion for getting things right and taking pride in a job well done.

We are absolutely passionate about bringing your vision to life.

Why would anyone trudge through endless preconceived and utterly unalterable designs, making seemingly small sacrifices along the way to ensure that you can make something work ‘well enough’ when you could just have exactly what you want all along?

Whether it is a hybrid concept that is the result of weeks of research or an imagined design that you have collected from your travels, we want to ensure that your home is as special and unique as you are.

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